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Blokable – Urban Housing Future?

Have you heard of Blokable? It is a relatively new company founded in 2016 by a formal Amazon project manager, Aroon Holm. Blokable creates move-in ready living spaces, creatively named “Bloks.”. Made of steel and manufactured in Vancouver, WA, these Bloks are connectable and stackable up to four stories high, and come in lengths from 18 to 38 feet2.

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According to Blokable’s website, customers may add basic or premium bathroom, kitchens, stairs, railing, windows and more. The company also developed BlokSense, a control platform that allows homeowners to easily manage electric, water, temperature, lighting and security systems online. Price per square foot of Bloks ranges from $150 to $300. Depending on size, prices for finished units run from $25K to $100K1. Compared to the cost of a traditional construction home in Seattle in this market, they sound attractively affordable.  On the company’s website, founder Holm states that “Our mission is to make housing accessible and affordable for everyone, and we think to do that you need to make fundamental change in the process of how we build it.” Holm goes on to say, “Blokable is dedicated to helping municipalities and housing non-profits meet the housing challenges facing cities today.”1 Consider the saving in cost and time for Bloks to be manufactured,the versatility that Blokable products for many different space usage allows, and the innovative idea behind plug-and-play smart units. I believe Blokable may be that ideal solution for an urban housing shortage. It’s obviously too early to say whether Blokable can solve all of the challenges on the way to get there, but as supporter of their direction, innovation & designs, I sure hope they will success.


1.      NW Reporter September 2017 Issue “Stacking Housing”



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