Real Estate

Roadmaps For Home Buyers & Sellers


If you were first time home buyer or seller, you may find these papers helpful. These charts provide you with clear step-by-step structures of each process. They are self-explanatory. Feel free to view, print or share.

Chart 1: The Seller’s Roadmap



Chart 2: Home Buying Process


Chart 3: House Hunting

It’s good idea to print several of this paper and bring with you during your house tours. It’s good way to stay focus in your original house hunting goals. The more flexible you are, the easier you can find a house, however, you don’t want to compromise everything and end up with something you may not love at the end.  On the other hand, there isn’t a house that is exact to your dream home. I usually tell my clients to pick out five-must-have items in a house and focus in that.


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