IvyPortrait003Hi, my name is Ivy! I am a real estate broker who is attracted to anything and everything beautiful. I am passionate about photography, which helps capture the beautiful things I see around me. I also enjoy interior design, the art of creating a beautiful environment that ellicits emotion and purpose. But above all, I truly love working in real estate. Following its ups and downs and witnessing the endless of opportunities that it brings to people everywhere, including myself, brings me joy. Numerous factors can influence real estate value, such as property styles, neighborhoods, school districts, and location.

I am on a journey to improve my knowledge in order be better serve my clients. On this blog, I will be sharing with my readers comprehensive but straight to the point data in weekly or biweekly postings. I truly hope that my posts will be helpful to you in some way, either in your search for homes, selling properties, or even providing you ideas to improve the interior design of your home. However, please keep in mind that the information I post is the result of studying and research and, though the information will be comprehensive,  it should not be used as an official guideline or reference. Hope you enjoy!