Charity work has always been a passion of mine. My mother, who’s been my role model and inspiration when it comes to helping those most in need, has spent her last 30 years raising money and medical services to help people in remote areas in her country. She and her team have delivered food, clothes, school supplies, medicine, and medical services to hundreds of people over the years. Recently, my mother helped organize a group of ophthalmologists willing to donate 50 eye surgeries to 50 people with visual impairments who were too unable to afford care. Over the years, she has taught me that giving is the best way to feel fulfilled and happy in life regardless of how much or little you have.  

The purpose of this post is to share with my readers what I have been doing to achieve that “fulfillment and happiness” in life. A portion of my income from real estate is always set aside for bringing basic life supplies to the most needy, specifically children and, naturally, I focus on Vietnam where I was born and raised. If you like to help any of the orphanages on my page, I am happy to provide you with their direct contact information. While I am not raising money by any means, your referrals are greatly appreciated.